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Box Hill Pizza and Crab cakes begin their life as fresh, fat blue crabs. Our suppliers know that the blue crab meat they deliver must always be the freshest available, because the appeal of a Maryland crab cake is the sweet, fresh taste and firmness of the meat.


We don’t let anything get in the way of your total experience of biting into a thick, flavorful Box Hill crab cake. It’s one of the reasons why we have the best Maryland crab cakes year after year, for more than 3 decades.

Our next step is to mix the crab meat in with a light filling to hold it together. We use just enough filling to accent the overall taste and texture of the crab cake. The filling is flavored with a a lovingly light blend of herbs and spices, to help accent, never hide, the sweet flavor of the huge chunks of Jumbo Lump and Colossal Crab Meat.

Once our recipe has marinated, the cakes are formed. If you order in our dining room or for carry out, they are formed TO ORDER, broiled to a golden perfection and served immediately. For your convenience, our crab cakes are always available to ship anywhere in the United States or picked up in our Marketplace freshly hand formed or frozen for your convenience.

We make fresh crab cakes 7 days a week. NOTHING is more important to us, and to you, than ensuring freshness, consistency and the amazing flavor of our Crab Cakes. Enjoy!

Always with our love,

The Kanaras Family and the Box Hill Family. Come on by anytime to chat!